Shocked doctors forced to admit this cancer cure works

 Shocked doctors forced to admit this cancer cure  works

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“Well, I  know the cancer is here somewhere!” That’s what Frank Woll’s doctor said when he  couldn’t find the cancer with a magnifying glass. A month before, the doc said  they’d have to cut off half his ear and part of his neck! These three men got  TOTALLY WELL with the 31-Day Home Cancer Cure. Watch this important video presentation and see for  yourself. The above link from HSI is temporarily unavailable. However the video is available here > and you can read The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure here >>>

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Dear Reader,

When the Wikileaks scandal broke earlier this year, U.S. officials weren’t the only ones with egg on their faces. Executives for U.S. drug giant Pfizer were also embarrassed by a diplomatic cable.

Hmmm. Embarrassed? No, that’s not the right word. I think we can assume that nothing embarrasses these dirtbags.

As you’ll see in a moment, the diplomatic cable exposed some dirty dealing that would make you or me (or any human) feel deeply ashamed and disgusted with ourselves. So how did Pfizer executives respond? They sent out a spokesperson who basically said, “Blah, blah, blah. Deny, deny, deny.” And that was that. “Crisis” averted!

But I’m not letting them off so easy…


Timeline of disgrace


Here’s a quick Timeline of Pfizer’s Nigerian Drug Trial Disgrace…

1996: Eleven children died and many were disabled when Pfizer researchers tested a new antibiotic called Trovan on kids with meningitis. Nigerian authorities said they never approved the trial and parents were not informed that their children would receive a drug on an experimental basis.

1998: The FDA approved Trovan for use in adults only. But after reports of liver failure, Trovan use was restricted to adult emergency care.

1999: The European Union banned Trovan.

2000: The Washington Post reported that Pfizer produced a letter from a Nigerian ethics committee that approved the research before the 1996 trial. But the letter turned out to be fabricated by a Pfizer researcher who falsely backdated the letter.

2006: A Nigerian panel concluded that the Pfizer trial was an “illegal” test of an “unregistered drug.” The panel called the trial a “clear case of exploitation of the ignorant.”

2007: Nigeria filed lawsuits against Pfizer that included homicide and other criminal counts. The legal action sought about $9 billion in restitution and damages.

2010: Pfizer finally settled the suits for about $75 million. All criminal charges were dropped.

So what happened between 2007 and 2010? We can assume that Pfizer lawyers are expert negotiators. But going from $9 billion to $75 million and dropping severe criminal charges? That’s insanely successful negotiating!

Maybe a clue to their success can be found in a missing piece of the Timeline that came to light in that diplomatic cable revealed by Wikileaks.

In the 2009 cable, a U.S. official revealed that a Pfizer executive in Nigeria told him that the drug company had hired special investigators. Their mission: Search for evidence of corrupt practices by Nigeria’s Attorney General to persuade him to drop the suits.

In early 2010, the Nigerian AG was removed from his post just as alleged corruption ties were being reported by the Nigerian media. Five months later, Pfizer agreed to the $75 million payout.

See, if you’re a Pfizer official and you are accused of illegally testing a drug on children, you don’t ask yourself, “What’s the right thing to do here?” You ask yourself, “Who can we crush to get ourselves out of this?”

Utterly despicable!

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that the only place drug companies and their execs feel anything is in their wallets. So that’s where I’m aiming.

I know most of you don’t take pharmaceuticals when you can avoid them, but if you do, talk to your doctor about switching to a non-Pfizer drug.

Here’s a list of some of the most well-known Pfizer products:








In each of those cases you can choose competitors’ products (or, better yet, find non-drug solutions).

Pfizer also makes quite a few over-the-counter products that people use everyday. But we don’t HAVE to use them everyday.

For instance, ChapStick could disappear tomorrow and I’d never miss it. Burt’s Bees makes a terrific lip balm. Carmex does too.

Same with Pfizer’s Advil. I rarely take ibuprofen, but when I do, I’ve got lots of different brands to choose from. I can go without the Advil, no problem.

Other Pfizer products include ThermaCare heat wraps, Anbesol oral pain reliever, Dristan, Robitussin, Preparation H, FiberCon, and the Centrum line of multivitamins.

If you and I and all our friends and families boycott these products, we’re not going to bring down the world’s most successful drug company. But we’ll at least have the satisfaction of knowing our money isn’t paying the obscene bonuses of people who really should be doing hard time in a Nigerian prison.



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