Melt Away Cancer Using Nothing More Than Your Fingertips

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Melt Away Cancer Using Nothing More Than Your Fingertips?

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*Did You Know…?
*Featured Topic: A Revolutionary Healing Technology Melts Away Cancer From Your Body Using Nothing More Than Your Fingertips
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Did You Know…
…that positive thoughts can produce health-enhancing biochemicals superior to any that a pharmaceutical company could ever manufacturewithout any adverse side effects?
Contrary to what most people think, positive thoughts are not just whimsical mental images that make you feel good.  Recent research has shown that our thoughts can provide relief beyond the superficial and temporary.  When you consider that the average human being thinks of approximately 60,000 thoughts per day … the impact our thoughts have on both our mental and physical health becomes clear.
A Single Thought Has the Potential to Produce Over a Million Dollars’ Worth of a Cancer-Fighting Chemical!
Positive thinking has been proven to strengthen the immune system and lower stress levels, thereby combating stress-related diseases such as heart diseasediabetespsychosomatic illnesses … and certain forms of cancer.
      The emerging field of psychoneuroimmunology studies the connection between the neurological and immune systems, and is expanding scientific knowledge of the link between our thoughts and our health.
Such a connection has been demonstrated by the many case studies demonstrating the “placebo effect,” which occurs when a patient believes the treatment he or she is receiving will indeed relieve the pain, and it does.  Such positive and potent thoughts release natural chemicals called endorphins, which contain the powerful cancer-fighting chemicals interleukin and interferon.  If you were to buy the anti-cancer drug Interleukin-2 (manufactured by Chiron Corporation with the brand name Proleukin) to treat cancer, a full course would cost you upwards of $40,000 … plus a long list of the side effects.
Positive thoughts, on the other hand, are a natural alternative to cancer drugs—and could “make a million dollars worth of Interleukin-2,” according to Deepak Chopra, M.D.  And the best part is that there are none of the side effects that accompany drug use—and they cost nothing!
Thoughts are Physically Real—They Cause Biological and Physiological Effects
Dr. Larry Dossey, a supporter of mind-body study, explains the fundamental principle behind the surprising effects of placebos: “The body responds to mental input as if it were physically real.  Images create bodily changes—just as if the experience were really happening. For example, if you imagine yourself lying on a beach in the sun, you become relaxed, your peripheral blood vessels dilate, and your hands become warm, as in the real thing.”
When you think peaceful and tranquil thoughts, your body—specifically, your leukocytes, adrenal cells and macrophages—will start producing a tranquilizing biochemical similar to Valium.  Unlike the drug manufactured by Hoffman-La Roche, which comes with side effects (some potentially serious), the tranquilizing chemical produced by the body has no side effects and supports the proper functioning of the immune system.
Research suggests that thoughts are powerful enough to be perceived as physical objects.  Take the findings of Dr. Giuseppe Joseph Calligaris, a 19th century doctor who, in his doctoral thesis, “Thoughts Do Heal,” concluded that a thought leads to actual physical sensations.  This mind-body connection manifests in specific organs, which are linked to emotions.
Do you see the connection?  Thoughts trigger emotions, which activate organs, which in turn affect our health.  Therefore, we hold in our power the ability to transmute our thoughts into positive ones, thereby creating a cascade of endorphins that deliver beneficial healing effects.
Consciously directing one’s mind to think positive thoughts that cause the body to produce health-enhancing biochemicals has been successfully done through biofeedback, guided imagery, meditation, deep breathing and hypnosis.  When done right, these practices result in increased longevity, lowered stress levels, a healthy immune system and a reduced risk of heart disease.

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Featured Topic:

A Revolutionary Healing Technology Melts Away Cancer From Your Body Using Nothing More Than Your Fingertips Renowned Physician Says This May Be the “Most Valuable Healing Method” Currently Available

The Healing Codes—an energy therapy discovered by Dr. Alex Loyd—may be the most startling of any healing method you’ll ever read about.  This simple 6-minute self-administered healing methodwhich involves the use of the fingertips of both hands pointing towards one or more of the 4 healing centers of the body—is powerful, provocative, and remarkably effective … not just for cancer, but for practically any disease in existence.
Dr. Merrill Ken Galera, medical director of the Galera Center, and former lead physician of the renowned Dr. Mercola’s Natural Health Center, believes The Healing Codes may be the most valuable healing method currently available.
“I have used almost all of the latest and greatest technologies, treatment protocols, techniques, systems, philosophies, and healing modalities in both conventional and alternative medicine,” says Dr. Galera, “and if I were to choose just one it would be the work of Dr. Alex Loyd.”
In order to understand the stunning effects of this touch-free, do-it-yourself healing technique, we must first examine the source of all disease and illness.

95% of all Health Problems Originate from Non-Physical Sources      At least 95% of all health problems originate from a non-physical source—a fact that’s been confirmed over the last 3 decades by almost every major medical research institute—including Mayo Clinic and the U.S. Government.
Unfortunately, 95% of current medical treatments are aimed at physical functions.  And of the rare 5% of treatments that do address non-physical problems, most target only psychological and emotional symptoms (negative thoughts, repetitive emotions, etc.) without getting at the root of the problem.
In contrast, the Healing Codes system, developed by Dr. Loyd in 2001, addresses the unseen but true source of all illness.

What is Energy Medicine?
Energy medicine is a revolutionary non-physical healing modality that involves no medications or conventional “treatments.”  Instead, energy medicine focuses on how the human energy field can reverse and cure illness.
Unconventional though they may be, energy therapies have begun to gain mainstream acceptance.  Dr. Mehmet Oz, “America’s Doctor,” praised energy medicine on Oprah’s show and in his New York Times bestselling book You, calling it the next big frontier in medicine.
The Healing Codes system, however, is unique among energy therapies.  This method has no “mysticism” surrounding it.  Instead, The Healing Codes is simply the most powerful, scientifically validated energy medicine for cancer and almost all other diseases, even so-called incurable conditions such as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.
The Astonishing True Story of Dr. Ben Johnson
Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD, and cofounder of the Immune Recovery Cancer clinic, says if it weren’t for The Healing Codes, he “should already be dead.”  In 2000, this accomplished physician was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, an incurable and usually fatal disease that attacks the nerves and muscles.
Lou Gehrig’s disease is a death sentence—worse than even cancer or AIDS—because 80% of those with Lou Gehrig’s disease die within 5 years.  No one survives for 10 years.  By 2003, Dr. Johnson was plagued with severe fatigue, constant muscle fasiculations (twitching), and a voice too weak to use.  He was convinced death was at hand—until later that year, fate brought him news of a seminar for a new healing technology called The Healing Codes.
“After only 3 months of using The Healing Codes, I returned to the surgeon who first diagnosed me.  He ran the test for Lou Gehrig’s (EMG) and no trace of Lou Gehrig’s disease could be found.”
Dr. Johnson has been symptom-free since March 2004.  After his own remarkable recovery, he decided to devote himself to studying The Healing Codes.  “I resigned from the Immune Recovery Cancer Clinic I helped found and began working with Dr. Loyd to investigate this phenomenon and help spread this technology to the world.”
Cancer Can Almost NEVER Be Healed—Unless You Address “Cellular Memories” as the Healing Codes Are Proven to Do
Research has shown that repressed anger, hate, resentment, and grief are the root emotional causes leading to cancer.  These experiences create cellular memories, which are widely acknowledged as the cause of 95% of all diseases, including cancer.
Destructive cellular memories emit destructive frequencies (internal stress), just as cancer cells do.  These destructive frequencies have been measured and verified by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
Cancer treated through surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy often recurs, because these and other common treatments seldom address the cellular memories that created the cancer.  Until you remove destructive cellular memories, true healing can never happen.  But once you remove that destructive energy pattern, the cause of cancer melts away every single time.
“Our best hope for healing incurable illness and disease in the future might very well lie in finding a way to heal destructive cellular memories,” says Dr. John Sarno, professor of the medical school at New York University.  “If you can heal that cellular memory, then the illness or disease or chronic pain is very likely to heal.”
When you use The Healing Codes on yourself or others (yes, it’s possible to use The Healing Codes to cure others), the internal stress caused by cellular memories completely disappears—and the internal stress they create disappears with them.
This eradication of stress has been measured and proven scientifically through the use of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), the only reliable, state-of-the-art medical apparatus for measuring stress in the nervous system.
Eliminate the Cause of All Illness and Disease in 6 Minutes a Day
The Healing Codes eradicate internal stress in as little as 6 minutes in a scientifically provable and reproducible way—eliminating the cause of practically all illnesses and diseases in the body.
The Healing Codes are the only scientific healing modality that:

  • Eliminates the root cause of any health condition, whether it is physical, emotional or mental—withoutthe use of drugs, surgery or medical treatments.
  • Opens the cells of the body and takes them from a “defensive” mode to a “growth” mode, thereby making your body virtually immune to disease.
  • Activates the 3 essential components of healing simultaneously, thereby making health restoration a certainty, not just a possibility.

Eliminate the Underlying Cause of Every Disease with The Healing Codes
The Healing Codes system is designed to direct energy toward different combinations of these 4 healing centers to effectively clear all destructive cellular memories from your body.  In doing so, you turn your immune system back on full force.
Dr. Loyd has developed and proven the exact codes for eliminating the underlying cause of every disease, including cancer.  Read the stories of countless people who have used this healing technique to heal everything from cancer, diabetes, arthritis, emphysema, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, fibroid tumors to Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  Learn this simple healing therapy that you can use on yourself or on a loved one who suffers from cancer or any other disease.

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