The Shocking Truth About CoQ10

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The Shocking Truth About CoQ10

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Did You Know…
…that an alternative sweetener derived from a traditional Andean superfood can lower cholesterol, help control diabetes, and prevent colon cancer?
      Known in the Andean mountains of South America as Apple of the Earth, yacon is a form of sweet potato revered in traditional medicine for its myriad healing powers.
A distant relative of the sunflower, yacon is a tuber vegetable resembling a yam. Its roots and leaves have been used in local communities to treat ailments—especially digestive disorders—for centuries.  Now, modern scientists recognize yacon’s rich stores of phytochemicals to have far-reaching powers to fight both diabetes and obesity.
FOS—The Sweetener That Heals
The source of yacon’s delicious, sweet flavor is what makes it such a healthy alternative sweetener.  Unlike sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial chemical sweeteners—all of which have lengthy rap sheets of harmful health effects—the sweetening agent in yacon is actually good for you.  That’s because it’s primarily composed of inulin, also called a fructooligosaccharide (FOS).
      FOS acts like a sweetener, but your body barely absorbs it.  Instead, FOS passes through the digestive system without spiking blood sugar, like most other sweeteners—and without the toxic effects of artificial chemical sweeteners.  In fact, FOS appears to help regulate blood glucose, keeping it to normal, manageable levels.
Natural health expert and author Dana Carpender recommends FOS, and describes the benefits of FOS as an alternative sweetener on her health blog:

     “Think of it as a sweet form of fiber.  FOS has a nice, clean sweet flavor, but it’s about half as sweet as sugar…  FOS has another interesting property: You can’t digest or absorb it, but the good bacteria in your gut can.  So eating FOS will increase your healthy intestinal flora.”

The Sweet Path to a Healthier Heart
Yacon is also attracting attention for its heart health benefits.  In a study reported at the 2009 American Heart Association conference, a Chinese team using yacon to treat patients with prehypertension reported the following impressive results:
Systolic blood pressure dropped by almost 7 points      Diastolic blood pressure was reduced by greater than 7 points      LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and triglycerides both dropped significantly
A Powerful Prebiotic Superfood
As Dana Carpender points out, yacon has great prebiotic capacities, which means it can be a key factor in regulating digestion by stimulating good bacteria and helping fight off harmful invaders.  Ultimately, this helps protect your body from kidney stones, intestinal and colon breakdown, and liver disease.
David Wolfe points out in his bestselling book, Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future:

     “As a prebiotic, yacon is good for digestion, stimulates positive colon health, and helps with the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and B vitamins.  Yacon helps to regulate friendly intestinal flora, and especially improves the growth of certain probiotics (…), thus helping to reduce constipation.  Yacon root contains significant quantities of potassium and antioxidants.  Because of its high antioxidant value, yacon is beneficial in reducing free-radical damage in the body, especially in the colon.”

Where to Find FOS and Yacon
Fresh yacon for cooking and eating may be available at your local natural foods store.  If not, there are a handful of online suppliers of fresh yacon tubers, leaves, and plants.
Yacon is also available as a supplement capsule, both online and in some co-ops and health food stores.  The same is true for FOS, which can be purchased both as a powder to use as a sweetener for foods, as well as a supplement capsule for those solely interested in its prebiotic, blood sugar, and heart health benefits.

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Featured Topic:

The Shocking Secret About CoQ10

Over the past few decades, CoQ10 has become one of the most popular supplements in the U.S.—being called a medical miracle because it delivers so many health benefits.  It has been shown to …

* strengthen your heart and keep it pumping strong * boost brain power, improve memory and provide        mental clarity * provide cellular energy and effectively combat fatigue * fight off harmful free radicals in the body, slow down        the aging process and reduce wrinkles * enable your body to burn fat more effectively * support better vision and healthy gums

     After the age of 30, natural levels of CoQ10 in the body begin to diminish.  By the age of 50, your CoQ10 levels may be too low to support optimal heart function.  By age 70, your levels can become so low they can actually accelerate aging.
This is why leading experts who are on the cutting edge of natural health say it’s critical to supplement with CoQ10 as you age.

The WORST Culprit is Statin Drugs

     It is now estimated that 1 in 3 adults over 50 take a statin. If you’re taking a statin drug to “help” your heart, you are in fact slowly draining your heart of CoQ10—the very fuel it needs for optimal health.

     An unprecedented number of people have been buying CoQ10 at health food stores—mistakenly thinking that all CoQ10 is the same.  But there’s a dirty little secret that they will not tell you on the label.  All of the research supporting the benefits of CoQ10 have been conducted using natural CoQ10. But most supplements are made with synthesized CoQ10.

Tobacco Leaves
Is your CoQ10 made from tobacco leaves?

     Perhaps the worst thing is that it’s synthesized from a shocking primary source, and that is … tobacco leaves!
Most people don’t realize that 100% natural CoQ10 is usually no more expensive then synthetic CoQ10.  You just need to know how to look for it.
How to “Read Between the Lines” When Buying CoQ10
Discount brands, such as those found in drugstores or big box retailers, do a great job hiding the source of their CoQ10.  But here’s a fool proof “cheat sheet” that will help guide you:

1. Look for the words “trans-form” on the label.  Trans-form CoQ10 is identical to the CoQ10 produced naturally within the body.  If you read all of the studies on CoQ10, you’ll discover that every single CoQ10 researcher in the world uses only trans-form CoQ10.
2. Check to see if the CoQ10 is made using yeast fermentation, which yields the most effective, biologically active form.


     It’s almost impossible to find trans-form CoQ10 in health food stores, vitamin shops or even among online retailers.  By clicking here, you can find the highest quality trans-form CoQ10, which is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream—and makes you start feeling better almost immediately.  By using trans-form CoQ10, you’ll notice more energy and stamina … enhanced cognitive functionreduced signs of agingimproved cardiovascular function … fewer aches and pains … and better immune health within 7 days.  You owe it to yourself to protect your heart, age well and feel youthful.  Click here now! 

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