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Exercise Helps Your Immune System Protect Against Future Cancers

Exercise Helps Your Immune System Protect Against Future Cancers

By Dr. Mercola

If you are like most people, when you think of reducing your risk of cancer, exercise probably isn’t at the top of your list. However, there is compelling evidence that exercise can not only help slash your risk of cancer, but can also help cancer patients get well sooner, and help prevent cancer recurrence.

Research has also shown it may help minimize the side effects of conventional cancer treatment.

A preliminary study presented at The Integrative Biology of Exercise VI meeting in mid-October1 helps shed light on why exercise is so effective for decreasing the risk of secondary cancers in survivors, or why it can decrease your risk of getting cancer in the first place.

Exercise Improves Your Immune System’s “Cancer Surveillance”

Sixteen cancer survivors who had just completed chemotherapy participated in the three-month long study. The fitness program, which was tailored to each individual, included:
•Strength training
•Endurance training
•Cardiovascular exercise
•Exercises for flexibility, balance and posture

The researchers examined the immune cells in the participants’ blood before and after completion of the 12-week program, and the analysis showed that a large portion of the T cells were altered into a more effective disease-fighting form, called “naïve” T cells. As reported by Medical News Today:2

“[Lead researcher] Bilek explained, ‘What we’re suggesting is that with exercise, you might be getting rid of T cells that aren’t helpful and making room for T cells that might be helpful.’

This research is important because it not only emphasizes the advantages of exercise for cancer patients and cancer survivors, but it also demonstrates how it can benefit healthy individuals. However, the increased ‘cancer surveillance,’ or the power of the immune system to stop emerging cancers, is particularly beneficial for those struggling with cancer, or who have just survived it.

Bilek concluded: ‘There’s a litany of positive benefits from exercise. If exercise indeed strengthens the immune system and potentially improves cancer surveillance, it’s one more thing we should educate patients about as a reason they should schedule regular activity throughout their day and make it a priority in their lives.’

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Dr. Mercola Dr. Mercola
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Understanding Cancer

Understanding Cancer

Mina Bissell’s groundbreaking research has proven that cancer is not only caused by cancer cells. It is caused by an interaction between cancer cells and the surrounding cellular micro-environment. In healthy bodies, normal tissue homeostasis and architecture inhibit the progression of cancers. But changes in the microenvironment–following an injury or a wound for instance–can shift the balance. This explains why many people harbor potentially malignant tumors in their bodies without knowing it and never develop cancer, and why tumors often develop when tissue is damaged or when the immune system is suppressed.

The converse can also be true. In a landmark 1997 experiment, mutated mammary cells, when dosed with an antibody and placed into a normal cellular micro-environment, behaved normally. This powerful insight from Bissell’s lab may lead to new ways of treating existing and preventing potential cancers.

Here is the link to her talk and to the fascinating images of normal cells contrasted with cancer cells. http://www.ted.com/talks/mina_bissell_experiments_that_point_to_a_new_understanding_of_cancer.html?quote=1775

Thanks to http://cancerfighter.wordpress.com/ where I found this video and commentary.


Philip Martin

Some Big Principles in Self Healing Cancer

Some Big Principles in Self Healing Cancer

A.  Your life is a story.

 You are here experiencing this moment here and now and in this moment here and now, is just your experience. You are just experiencing life in this moment, here and now. This moment is just what it is. You just happen to be here and now  – in this moment. As this moment, here and now can only be what it is, it is perfect just as it is. It is void of judgement and perception. Life is just flowing through this moment, here and now.

Experiencing this moment here and now is the essence of enlightenment. This moment here and now, this state of enlightenment, is the basis of reality. It is the empty whiteboard upon which we compose and write the story of our life.

To our mind the empty whiteboard, is screaming out to be written upon, we cannot bear to leave it alone.

Today the whiteboard is mostly full, for we have been constantly recording our views and interpretations of our experiences.

Tomorrow we will wake up and add to the whiteboard. We cannot erase the story or parts of the story written upon the whiteboard, for we have written in permanent ink instead of whiteboard markers.

We may want to only view or notice certain pleasurable parts of the whiteboard and ignore or deny other parts but it is all there.

 B.   Your disease is in harmony, reflects and is an expression of the story.

 If you have a ‘disease’ or something that you wish you hadn’t, please realise that the disease etc. is occupying a part of the whiteboard. It is in your story and therefore, at this point in time, it is in perfect harmony with the story and whiteboard.  Each and every part of the whiteboard or story is in perfect harmony with the whiteboard/story. This is an absolute fact and can be no other way.

Let me explain further, before you get too upset:- The whiteboard as is the story, a closed system. That is, it is confined by its boundaries. What is inside the boundaries – is inside the boundaries. Your story is the totality of what is inside the boundaries.

If the disease was not inside the boundaries, then naturally you would have a different story!

The story is the totality of all the information that is in you, including information in your DNA, the meaning and perceptions attached to all the events in your life, the progression of your identities, the beliefs that you formed, your thoughts, ideas, interpretations, personas, memories, inter-reactions and relationship with the world within yourself and the world outside yourself, and self image etc, etc.

Basically, your story is your story of your past. When you woke up this morning, you put on your story, and then you got dressed and went about your day. Your story and clothes make it easy for you to function throughout your day.

Each day you add to the story and so the story grows and each day we carry our story around with us and show it to the world.

The story becomes powerful and becomes the dictator of our lives, the story runs on automatic pilot, and the story decides how we will live our lives. We will only operate in harmony with our story and so our life reflects the story and on and on we go.

We seemingly cease to have the desire, ability or flexibility to change the story.

 C.    It’s all about change.

And as you sit there, comfortable within your story and you may allow yourself to think about your desires or intentions. And as you do, I wonder what you truly want? For I am curious to discover, what purpose do you have in reading these words? It is curious, isn’t it, to sit and read and allow the words to simply drift inside. And as they do and as you ask yourself what do you want for yourself, perhaps realizing that being healthy and happy is a suitable goal and result for you to choose.

Some people may want to kill or beat the cancer, for they imagine a deadly enemy is trying to kill them and so a war ensues and everyone knows, that there are no winners in war.

But if you want to be healthy and happy and have great intentions, to be healthy and happy, then you will begin to imagine, really imagine, what it is like to be healthy and happy.

The more you imagine being happy and healthy the more pleasing will be your experience. And so just here and now, allow yourself to fully and exquisitely, imagine and feel this state of excellent health and happiness and give yourself permission to remember to feel vitality, energy and the peacefulness that naturally comes from this.

As you do this, begin to notice that you find yourself immersed in a new future, the beginning of a new story and simply allow that new story to develop and emerge.  Become fully aware and place all your attention on this developing story, the story of you that has at its core, a healthy and happy you.

For what is important, is change. And yet we are so afraid of changing. We may feel that if ‘I change, then I won’t be me’. For we feel at a deep level, that we are the story. That this (the story) is who I am.

But whose story is it anyway? And who wrote your story? Are you the writer or the written?

Being healthy is very different from being diseased. Having a new story, one built on health and happiness is very different to having a story where sickness is a major part of the story.

 Healing is changing the story.

When you become healthy you will realize – only the story changed!

Do this exercise to develop your awareness:-

To develop cancer, what would one have to do?

Write a list of 100, yes one hundred, items.

Cheers for now,

Philip Martin


Groundbreaking new diet promises to defeat cancer

From The Art of Healing

In Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s recent book, Super Immunity, Fuhrman draws on studies conducted worldwide to pinpoint the ties between diet and cancer. His findings: many whole foods have specific medicinal properties which inhibit and fight cancer in a variety of ways. The final result of this effort is a comprehensive set of dietary guidelines proven to enhance the immune system and improve overall health in addition to routing cancer.
                  Plant foods trump animal products and processed foods
Animal foods present specific risks in relation to cancer. The saturated fat in meat, dairy and eggs encourages higher levels of circulating sex hormones such as testosterone and oestrogen, in turn contributing to cancers such as oestrogen-dependent breast cancer. Animal foods also raise levels of insulin-like growth factor, or IGF-1, which is linked to greater cancer risk overall. Amazingly, vegetarians enjoy a 40 per cent reduced risk of cancer.

Chronic high consumption of sugar in turn leads to chronically high insulin; recent research has confirmed that most cancers mutate to make the best use of both insulin and IGF-1 for growth, effectively using them as fuel.

Whole plant foods, on the other hand, contain high levels of phytonutrients, antioxidants and fibre, all of which contribute to lower cancer risk. Fibre, which is not found in animal or processed foods, dampens levels of circulating oestrogen, lowers the risk of colon cancer and likely enhances general immunity.

 GOMBBS – Greens, onion, mushrooms, berries, beans and seeds

                  Fuhrman coined this quirky acronym to capture the most demonstrably powerful anti-cancer foods. Greens are the most nutrient-dense foods in the world; the cruciferous vegetable family in particular, including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and many others, generates compounds known as isothiocyanates (ITCs) when blended, chopped or chewed that have a plethora of anti-cancer actions. In one study, higher intake of cruciferous vegetables halved the total incidence of cancer, while in another, higher intake saw a 57 per cent reduction in the occurrence of colon cancer.

Allium vegetables including onions, garlic, shallots, leeks and scallions contain organo-sulfur compounds that are released when chewed, chopped or crushed. Increasing consumption of these healthful vegetables is proven to reduce the risk of prostate and gastric cancers. The flavonoid quercetin, abundant in onions, slows tumour growth and causes death of colon cancer cells.

All commonly eaten mushrooms contain powerful cancer-fighting agents including angiogenesis inhibitors, aromatase inhibitors and antigen-binding lectins which block oestrogen production and prevent cancer cell growth. Eating just one mushroom per day lowers the  risk of developing breast cancer by 64 per cent.

Berries’ extraordinarily high antioxidant content merits them a spot on Fuhrman’s short list of cancer fighters. For the greatest health benefit, dip berries in a homemade chocolate sauce; the combination of antioxidant-rich cacao and berries has been proven to have a synergistic effect that doubles the amount of antioxidants absorbed.

Beans, peas and lentils are nutrient-rich and high in protein and fibre; eating legumes at least two times a week reduces colon cancer risk by 50 per cent. Additional protective effects have been shown for kidney, stomach, oral, larynx and pharynx cancers.

Seeds (and nuts, to a lesser degree) are high in protein, minerals, antioxidants and healthy fats. Flax, hemp and chia seeds are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids, and nut and seed consumption generally is linked to heart health, prevention of diabetes and weight control.

Could the Power of Belief Be Great Medicine?

Could the Power of Belief Be Great Medicine?

Cancer Cured by an Injection of Water!

The following astonishing story appeared in a case study written by  psychologist Bruno Klopfer and published in Psychological Variables in Human  Cancer, Journal of Prospective Techniques.

Klopfer had a patient named Wright who was also being treated by another  doctor for advanced cancer of the lymph nodes. Standard treatments had failed.  Wright’s neck, armpits, chest, abdomen, and groin were filled with orange-sized  tumors, and his spleen and liver were so engorged that clinicians had to drain  two quarts of milky fluid from his chest each day. He was expected to die in  a matter of days.

Then Wright heard reports of an exciting new drug called Krebiozen. After an  initial hesitance, Wright’s doctor agreed to give him an injection of Krebiozen  on a Friday…not expecting his patient to last through the weekend.

Tumors Melted Like Snowballs on a Hot Stove!

Read more: http://undergroundhealthreporter.com/could-the-power-of-belief-be-great-medicine#ixzz2EapMo0IC

Exciting New Findings about Resveratrol and Cancer

Exciting New Findings about Resveratrol and Cancer

You’ve probably seen news blurbs about the health benefits of resveratrol, the nutrient found in red wine. Scientific studies show this powerful antioxidant can protect you from heart problems.
But research also shows this heart helper can also stop cancer from forming—and even KILL a variety of existing cancer cells. Exciting new research indicates all of us should be taking it — read on for details.
Continued below. . .

If you’re taking resveratrol, here’s some important news you need to know about

    You’ve probably heard how resveratrol is good for your heart and can slow aging. In fact, you may be taking a resveratrol supplement now, or thinking of taking one.
Resveratrol is often hailed as the secret behind the “French paradox” —the fact that the French enjoy better heart health, despite their high-fat diets. And several new studies show resveratrol can do even more for your health.
For example, it…

  • Boosts your memory and brainpower;
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels;
  • Promotes healthy insulin sensitivity;
  • Supports healthy blood pressure and circulation;
  • Supports joint health; and
  • Promotes eye health.

    In spite of all these tremendous health benefits, you may be surprised to hear what I’ve been telling my patients and readers…
Find out more here

According to the National Cancer Institute, resveratrol belongs to a group of plant compounds called polyphenols. You’ll find high concentrations of resveratrol in red wine, grapes, raspberries, peanuts, and other plants.
In fact, these and other plants produce resveratrol to protect themselves from fungus, infection and disease. And this same compound can help prevent cell damage and protect YOU from diseases too!

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If I just had a different thought.

If I just had a different thought back then. by Philip Martin

Some very profound moments in life are also profoundly simple and yet, life changing. We proceed through life having our own unique experiences and all the experiences and our associated feelings and meanings, make up the story of our life.

Here today, it can feel as if we are a product of our story, of all that has occurred before this moment. If life has been hard and there has been much pain and suffering, it seems as if we can do nothing about it, as what has already occurred, has happened and therefore unchangeable. And as we are a product of all this unchangeable history, we feel powerless to have a better/happier life now and in the future.

But we can have the realization, that in a previous event, maybe even in our earliest memory, if we had thought, a different thought, at that time, then we would not be suffering as we are now. Life would be different! I would still be me, but my experience of life would be much better. If I had just placed a different meaning on that negative experience/event, then I would not have all this suffering.

We feel powerless today and we feel attached to all that pain and suffering for it is ours. It has become part of our story, our identity and who we are. And so, as well as carrying all that past pain, as a burden, we also have the pain – that we are powerless to change today.

But are we? For we are suffering today, only because we are living the story, that is based on that early meaning, the meaning that we placed on that event as a young child. Feel what it would feel like if you place a different meaning on that event, as an adult I am sure you can think of plenty of other meanings. Try something simple, such as “I am here” or “I am alive” or something that you feel will empower you, such as “I am strong” or “I am a magnificent human being”.

The physical events of our history are fixed and unchangeable, but the meanings we apply are not. We live in pain because we continue to accept those (painful) meanings. But what if you have a different thought and place a different meaning to that event?

You do have the power to change your story, now!  and how does your story relate to your cancer?

Free Healing, Happiness and Enlightenment Sessions

I am offering free (1.)Healing, (2.)Happiness and (3.)Enlightenment.

1. Healing – The goal for those seeking healing, is a return to health.

2. Happiness – The goal for those seeking happiness is inner peace and a deep sense of happiness with one’s self and freedom from emotional turmoil.

3. Enlightenment – This is for those seeking the experience and state of enlightenment.

What is on offer, is 4 – 6 (average) individual sessions with me at Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast, Aust. There is no cost, gimmicks etc, you only need a sincere desire to attain your goal.

For those open to this opportunity contact me via email.


Philip Martin

Here’s To the Crazy Ones

Here is an article from Nathan Thomas from Keys to the Mind

Here’s To the Crazy Ones

Did you ever see Apple’s classic comeback TV ad, “Here’s To the Crazy Ones?”

It’s a fantastic Ad, and the version that aired really sky-rocketed Apple’s return to fame.

Today they are one of the most (if not the most) successful companies in the world. They certainly did think differently, and created innovations that define how we live our lives.

Most people agree that the world is shaped and created by the crazy ones; those who think in new ways and reject what others consider normal or right.

Whilst it’s nice to watch an inspiring advertisement like this and feel motivated to ‘change the world,’ walking the talk is actually phenomenally difficult.


Nothing is more seductive than the majority

Humans are social creatures – we live in tribes or what we now call “communities.”

Your beliefs are shaped by your social circle, the media you watch and the leaders you admire.

And this is a fantastic thing! The benefits of our social nature is what makes our human race such a successful one. We combine work and share innovation.

Born and raised a hermit, sure you’d be independent and free thinking, but you’d be deprived of thousands of years work by billions of people.

Community is, in short, for the most part a very good thing.

However, nothing is always good!

Mark Twain said:

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.

Some of the greatest calamities in history have been caused by the majority doing exactly what it wanted to.

From catastrophic wars to horrific genocide to segregation, racism and simply dumb and destructive consumerism, the seductive influence of the majority can lead smart people to do very dumb things.

It’s what we call social pressure.

Of course, many people realize that what the majorities is doing in these cases is wrong, but most get swept up in the tide and do it anyway.

Those that don’t are often ostracized and ridiculed.

And then something weird happens.

Public opinion starts to turn to agree with ‘the crazy ones.’

Suddenly one such as Martin Luther King is the voice we all listen to, and a cry from the wilderness becomes the conscience of a generation.

BUT Some of the Crazy Ones are Just Plain Crazy…

Martin Luther King fought valiantly for a good cause. He saw the error of the majority and bravely battled to correct it.

Not everyone who sees the error of the majority is actually right, though.

A hobo on the street corner declaring that demons possessed him through his McDonalds straw, the Neo-Nazi who is scared of everyone who’s different, the conflicted young adult who turns away from his or her family to embrace a strange and dangerous cult.

Yes, these people disagree with the majority and battle against the ridicule of others – but surely the aren’t to be celebrated, embraced and followed?

The Line Between Brilliant and Bonkers…

It may seem easy to tell where the line between brilliant and bonkers lies.

Hindsight, as they say, is 20:20. In real time, this divide is a lot harder.

The witches who were burned at the stake in medieval Europe for professing the healing powers of herbs – were they mad or brilliant?

Copernicus and Galileo too were spurned for their radical ideas.

They dared to go against conventional wisdom and declare that the Earth orbited the sun, not the other way around.

Many condemned them as dangerous lunatics, and they were the victims of much opposition and harassment.

Today, we know better.

Or at least I hope so!

Much of the time, what the majority does will be more or less the right thing to do.

But certainly not always.

The biggest and most important change in perspective you need is:

Never accept the limitations others place on you

This is subtle, because it is often very hard to spot.

For example, my ‘work’ is doing what I’m doing now – writing about interesting stuff for you guys.

It pays the bills and lets me travel the world and have fun.

Now the ‘majority perspective’ is that you can’t work part time online writing about what you love and still make enough to enjoy your life.

If I believed that, I’d probably start doubting myself and subconsciously sabotage what I’m doing.

Fortunately, I practice what I call selective conformity.

Basically, never assume that something is true just because most people believe it.

BUT also never assume something is false just because mot people believe it.

Live your life by your own compass (you’ll find it!), and question every limitation that the majority tries to impose on you.

Most, you’ll discover, will be easy to overcome with a simple change in perspective.

So, here’s to the crazy ones – the ones who are right, that is!


Nathan Thomas